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Phropecy Jan 6, 2000 Prophecy Sun. Morn 1/4/98 Prophecy 12-21-97
Prophecy - Sept. 95 Workshop Romania Prophecy June 95 Prophecy 6 -5-94



Jan 6,2000                                  Back to Top


Thus Saith The Lord:

I set before you an open door today and I pose to you these questions.

Will you be my hands? Will you be my people? There is a world that is seeking this ministry. There is a world that is being tormented by the power of the enemy. If I pour My Spirit upon you will you not waste it? If I pour My Spirit upon you, will you not involve yourself in frivolous things? Will you take this message, be My arms, be My hands, be My voice to help a dying world.

I have chosen by My Spirit to move again, once again upon the world, to set My people free. This is My desire. I have been preparing you. I have prepared you in the furnace of suffering and affliction. I have touched your hearts that you might be enabled to go forth, to set those free, that you would be my hands.

This is your choice. This is a choice that I set before you this day. Will you do that? Will you be my hands? All that I need is a yielded vessel. For it is not by might, it is not by power, it is by My Spirit.

It is not by your wisdom, it is not by your gifts, or your talents, or your strength.  It is accomplished only by being yielded unto Me, a willing open vessel, a channel that I may clean up and use to reach the world. And thus, you will have your rewards in Heaven, thus you will be a part of those that are by my side that have served me, that have given their lives for My cause.

It is My desire that those that are burdened be set free.

those that are in prison houses, those that have been locked in chains, be allowed to hear the message of freedom. This is my desire, Saith The Lord, and I pose to you this day the question, will you be my vessel?

Saith The Lord.


Prophecy Sun. Morn 1/4/98                                  Back to Top


        Behold I say unto you that I am not a hard God. You have felt in your heart, that I have been against you because I have not answered some of your prayers. You have felt that I do not care about you. But I say unto you, that my mercies are new every morning. I care that your heart is changed. Because the things that I work into it are eternal, they are for eternal good. And I say unto you, that the things that I work into your heart, are the reasons why there are delays to some of your petitions. I am not a hard God and I ask that you turn again unto me, that you look to me and not to the things of the world, not to the things that you desire to make your life of ease and pleasure or better for you. For I work upon your heart. Sayeth the Lord.



Prophecy 12 -21-97                                  Back to Top


        My people, Behold I have set before you this coming year a new open door. A door no man can shut. And as you have gone through many trails and temptations this last year, and you have proven yourselves faithful, so shall you go forward this coming year with open doors that no man can close.


        I have new things that I will do for you, new growth that I shall bring, and new places in which I shall send the word of deliverance. My captives must be free and I have prepared you, that you might pray one for another, and share the message of freedom from the power of the enemy. Saith The Lord.



Prophecy - Sept. 95 Workshop                                  Back to Top


       My people I would have you know that I find great favor in your walk and steps of faith this weekend. I have let your faith be tried, I have let the enemy come against you. Many of you have felt the pain, many of you have felt the flames of affliction from the enemy the past two weeks. I would have you know that I have watched you, and that I have tested you in the trial of afflictions. I have tested you and tried you and find your faith one that pleases me. And I would have you to know that I am pleased with you, and I have used this to prepare you because I send you forth as sheep forward before the wolves. They shall be there, you shall need this faith that comes to you as you are tried in the furnace of affliction, but do not be afraid, do not be afraid, because I am always with you. Have I not said that I will never leave you not forsake you. I am preparing you because my people need to be set free. I am preparing you to send you forth, to go forward and share the good news. Just share and be yourself, just share what I have done in your life. That is all that you have to do, and know that I am pleased with you and have found you faithful, clinging to my word, clinging to my voice, following me, trusting in me. I want you to know that I find great favor in your work and that I will continue to be with you. I have chosen this fight, I have ordained you to go forth. Be not afraid of those that come against you, be not afraid of those who have come to shame you, to be in front of your face to stop you and to hinder you. You will not be stopped. There will be no gates that will come against you to hold you back. This is my work, this is my fight, and I have declared it, I have declared that my people shall be set free from prison houses.



Romania Prophecy June 95                                  Back to Top


       On your trip, you will be followed by the angels of God,  watching over you, because the demons are following you to try and bring destruction to you. You will be surrounded by God's love and his servant will be surrounded by God's love and his servant angels, so that you souls would be made righteous and would be made to shine. You will see that Jesus Christ will bring you victory. Yes the Devil, Satan, was the one who tries to harm you, but God was the one that gave you double angels for protection and will continue to do so. God's angels will fight with the devil's angels so that God will glorify His name through you. This is what the Holy Spirit says. For those who will observe you or follow after your work, they will see exactly how Elijah had victory in his prayers. You will also have the same victory in your prayers and work for God that Elijah had.


Translated from Romamia



Prophecy 6-5-94                                  Back to Top


            Praise be the name of the most High God!

Blessed be the children who eat at my house.


    From this Church shall come missionaries that shall feed

the world, for your faith has passed that of many of the great



    Let your name be blessed among men. You will be brought be 

fore men who seem greater than you, but I shall speak from your

lips. Blessed be this house for in all things you have praised my name.


    I have given you the bread of affliction, and you praised my

name. I gave you the water of adversity, and you praised my name.

I took away all that which men deemed seemly to man, and you

praised my name, and did the work that I have set before you.


    Behold I set before you a new thing. From you shall come missionaries

that will start the fire that deliverance has kindled. Train those whom I send.


    Men who seem great in the world will scorn your name, but I

will speak through your lips and put to shame those who will seek

to shame you. Fear not, for as I promised to you as you sat on

the alter, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Let the desire

of your heart be yours, For your prayers are ever before me. Let

that which has hindered you, be gone.


    Freedom shall flow from your doors as a rushing wind and a

mighty water.   Thus saith the Lord.


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